Love and Destiny Card  Readings by Paul

The Love Cards or Destiny Cards, also known as the Cards of the Magi is an ancient spiritual science that was reintroduced to the world in the late 1800's. I offer several different in-depth Individual and Relationship reports based on the standard deck of cards. Every birthdate is assigned to a card in the deck and these reports have certain connections with astrology and the planets.

Individual reports are a great way to find out about yourself and the Relationship reports are a great way to understand why someone may be in our life. And what they may be here to show or teach us, or what we may be here to show or teach them. From the cards we can learn if someone has been in a past life with us or what Karma may exist between the two of you.

Through the cards we can learn to understand ourselves and the people that are in our life (e.g.: Partner, Spouse, Friends, Parents, Siblings, Business Partners, etc...). This understanding can lead us to greater compassion for ourselves and for those who are in our life. This can lead to forgiveness on many different levels. The cards are fascinating and very insightful, and above all amazingly accurate.

Check out my Love and Destiny Card Reports and discover more about yourself and / or about others that are in your life.

The true origin of the cards is said to date back to the days of Atlantis and beyond. This ancient knowledge has been placed into the standard deck of cards. Olney H. Richmond was chosen during the civil war to bring the knowledge of the cards back to the world. He studied the cards for 25 years before making this knowledge public. For more information on the history of the cards click here.

I am also a Reiki Master and offer Reiki Sessions and Healing Attunements. I have been trained in the Usui System of Reiki and carry both the Usui - Takata lineage as well as the Rand - Tibetan lineage. If you are on Maui and would like a Reiki Session please check out my Reiki Sessions page.

Training in all levels of Reiki can also be arranged on Maui.

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